Maru CBD
PH: 07) 3221 7778 / 0433 017 020
ADD: 157 Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

Maru Grill House (Cannon Hill)
PH: 0493 051 156
ADD: Cannon Hill Central Shopping Centre (Shop 4/1145 Wynnum Rd, Cannon Hill QLD 4170)

Maru Grill House (CBD)
PH: 0493 675 028
ADD: 73 Mary St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


fresh and tasty maru restaurant we are all about bringing fresh and quality food to our customers
Friends and family enjoyable A place where you want to be with your friends, families and your loved ones, Maru Korean Restaurant is the hottest Korean BBQ restaurant in Brisbane.
Grill House Cannon Hill
full of flavours delicious We strive to serve highly flavourful dishes for all our customers
Grill House Brisbane CBD
fresh and tasty


Maru Korean Restaurant, established in 2011, is a must-go-to Korean BBQ Restaurant in Brisbane City.

We pride ourselves on bringing fresh, quality food to the table. 

full of flavours


We get our ingredients from locals combined with traditional Korean spices, which creates perfectly balanced harmony.

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Fresh Ingredients

Produced freshly from our local farm

healthy meals

Consume our food with nutritious side dishes 'Banchan.'

Award-Winning Wagyu

We source all our Wagyu from trustable and award-winning farms

Eating Well

We always care what you eat! Having nutritious meal is all about Korean Food.

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Need to plan your special day? Or just a casual meet-up? Make a reservation with us.

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All our sauces and spices are made with traditional Korean condiments, these are key to Korean Cuisine. 

From fermented soybean paste to chili paste, Korean cuisine gives flavoursome experience throughout the whole dining.



A National Korean Side Dish.

Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine is a traditional side dish of fermented vegetables [usually cabbage]. It does have a kick to it but it is full of probiotics and healthy goodness!


We call this ‘Ssam!’

Selection of vegetables come as a side to every Korean BBQ – this is so that you can make ‘Ssam’ with it.

‘Ssam’ in literal means ‘Wrap,’ it is a concept of wrapping rice, meat, sauce and other vegetables inside a lettuce and have it all in one bite. When consumed, it bursts with falouvrs and texture!


Pickled Goodness.

Along with various types of Banchan [Side Dishes], pickled vegetable is also one of the common side dishes in Korean Cuisine.


Savoury Jell-o.

Have you heard of savoury jelly? We have it! Korean cuisine is all about different textures and flavours.

Dotori-muk is made out of acorn and it may taste blend at first but it is extremely addictive.

Award Winning Wagyu

Award-Winning Wagyu Combo for the whole family and friends

All our Wagyu are sourced from award-winning Wagyu Fram, they are fresh and high-quality with Marble Score (MB) of 9 +.